Imagine The Impact of Loss To Your Organization When (not if) Any One of These Likely Events Occur:

Unfortunately, our US schools and university campuses are hot-spots for criminal/gang activity, potential active shootings and a perfect soft target for terrorists seeking psychological impact and notoriety.   The presence of a security guard or law enforcement officer is purely not enough of a deterrent.  A simple metal detector at the door is not practical for student traffic-flow, nor effective considering the other ways to bypass "the system".     Force protection measures for our students must be selected "smartly" with threat/vulnerability-justified means and implemented effectively based on the impact of loss.  In most cases concerning schools and universities, the impact of loss is death....which has no price tag.

Do Something About It

You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of  operations due to a physical security vulnerability.  You owe it to your employees,  students and parents to call FORCE PROTECT Security Consultants for a free initial consultation, as a first step!   Call now - 502-836-4232 OR email OR click below