Imagine The Impact of Loss To Your Organization When (not if) Any One of These Likely Events Occur:

  • A competitor enters your manufacturing facility via an unsecure backdoor and steals product for reverse engineering, or takes photos of your trademarked fabrication/ assembly process        

  • A thief cuts all of your copper tubing and aluminum coil out of your key HVAC condensing units, thus shutting down your plant operations in the process                     

  • An employee removes key scrap or raw material from the property, little by little daily, costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss, annually                 

  • A recently fired/disgruntled employee enters the facility with a firearm opens fire on "perceived enemies", causing mass casualties        

  • A female employee working midnight shift is sexually assaulted on her break in the back property by an unknown perpetrator         

  • A terrorist simply places an explosive within feet of a pressure vessel or pipeline housing a toxic chemical, causing catastrophic death within a 2-mile radius        

                 - to name a few possibilities...     

Unfortunately, these scenarios have ALL played out within the free-trade world we live in.        

Do Something About It

You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of    operations due to a physical security vulnerability.  You owe it to your employees,    share-holders and customers to call FORCE PROTECT Security Consultants for a free initial consultation, as a first step!   Call now - 502-836-4232 OR email