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The Threat Is Real, You Are A Soft Target, Do Something About It !

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Facility Owners

Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

facility physical security

You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of operations due to a physical security vulnerability

Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

security engineer security designer

Be a good steward of the client’s budget by only implementing security measures that are proven required

Healthcare Leadership

Architects & Engineers

Healthcare Leadership

hospital security healthcare security

 See common valid threats to a healthcare environment.  How vulnerable is your organization?

Industrial Leadership

Houses of Worship Clergy

Healthcare Leadership

industrial security manufacturing security

All of these scenarios have ALL played out within the free-trade world we live in.  How vulnerable is your industrial operation?

Houses of Worship Clergy

Houses of Worship Clergy

Houses of Worship Clergy

church security synagogue security mosque security temple security active shooter

In current risk analysis being conducted by security experts nationwide, Houses of Worship appear to be the SOFTEST targets of opportunity for both terrorism and crime

Education Administration

Houses of Worship Clergy

Houses of Worship Clergy


US schools and university campuses are hot-spots for criminal/gang activity, potential active shootings and a perfect soft target for terrorists seeking psychological impact and notoriety

About Us

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Board Certified Security Professionals

Our consulting team is made up of experts certified by the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International, each with lengthy military and/or law enforcement backgrounds.


Our Consulting Services Include

• Threat Assessment (Crime, Terrorism & Natural - local, national, int'l)  

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Red Team Penetration Testing

• Risk Assessment (threat probability vs vulnerability vs impact)  

• Risk Mitigation Design Measures (provide detailed guidance) 

     - Architectural Security 

     - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 

     - Perimeter Security Systems 

     - Electronic Security Systems 

     - Policy & Procedures (security force, employees, visitors)

     - Life Cycle Cost Analysis of All Measures  

• Design Team Support (drawings, specs, hardware/software schedules)  

• Prescribe Security Force staffing (proprietary or outsourced)  

• Authorship and Training of Crisis Preparedness and Response Procedures 

    (Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Hostage Situation)  

• Authorship of Continuity and Emergency Planning

anti-terrorism, counter-crime, disaster

About Us

The FORCE PROTECT staff includes security consultants and designers with advanced training in force protection (crime prevention, anti-terrorism, natural disaster resiliency). This collective experience gives us insight into all aspects of architecture, engineering, and construction, and how through effective risk mitigation planning at the outset, safety and security measures can be integrated into the project through site planning, security engineering, building design and security force procedures. This knowledge allows us to see the global scope of the project and offer viable approaches to achieving asset and life protection.

Force Protect Security Consultants is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

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