Imagine The Impact of Loss To Your Organization When (not if) Any One of These Likely Events Occur:

  • Larceny (drugs, office equipment, personal property)          
  •  Violence in the workplace                 
  •  Active shooter                                 
  • Terrorist attack                                      
  • Activist Demonstrations
  • Bomb Threat/IE                        
  • Arson                                        
  • Vandalism                                             
  • Cyberattack
  • Loss of any primary and/or backup critical utilities

ALL valid threats to a healthcare environment.  How vulnerable is your organization?                                                               

Do Something About It

You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of operations due to a physical security vulnerability.  You owe it to your employees, share-holders and patients to call FORCE PROTECT Security Consultants for a free initial consultation, as a first step!   Call now - 502-836-4232 OR email OR click below